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South of the world, clasped to the volcanic Andes Mountains and surrounded by deserts and tempestuous seas, a whimsical geography created a country long and narrow. Privileged by its isolation, Chile possesses natural barriers that protect it from pests and disease.

In the southernmost tip, surrounded by lakes and volcanoes, prodigious nature gifted this magic country with fertile valleys crisscrossed with crystalline springs. These peaceful green surroundings serve as nourishment to animals producing warm milk, frothy and white.

The most modern and novel technology is responsible for treating this exquisite raw material, turning it into liquid milk, powdered milk, condensed milk, cream, butter, cheese, manjar (milk caramel spread) and yoghurt.

Chilean dairy companies, aware of the surrounding richness, formed an association to spread the purity of these products to markets privileging quality, food safety, and care for the environment .

EXPORLAC partners, competitive and innovative, export products ranging from pare milk -liquid, powdered or condensed- to the most delicious and delicate cheese.

EXPORLAC's efforts assist healthy Chilean dairy products to feed the world.