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Colun Soprole
Watt's Surlat
Lácteos del Sur Comercial de Campo
Soprole began activities in 1949 and today enjoys over 58 years in the Chilean and international dairy market, always adopting peak technology processes and software. Soprole is a member of the Fonterra Group and is the leader company in the Chilean dairy market, with over 1600 employees, 4 high-tech production plants and a milk reception capacity of over 500 million liters per year - the greatest volume in the country. Aside from having a portfolio of over 250 finished products, it is the major cheese exporter in Chile. One of the most important strategic values for Soprole is to always guarantee delicious, healthy and safe products for consumers and customers. This is why Soprole has adopted a permanent quality discipline for each process via a management system based on international quality standards such as GMP and HACCP. Soprole has product categories with Kosher and Halal certification, with which, among others, is prepared to face the challenges of the diverse international markets.


Consumer (125/250 grams packs and spreadable 250 grams tubs) and Food Service (10 grams mini cups and 25 Kg blocks)

Powdered Milk, Whey, Nutrition Mixes and others
25 Kg bags industrial format

Fresh and Mature Cheese

Mature Cheese: Gouda and Mantecoso - block formats and laminated pre-packed. Parmesan: block format and grated. Fresh cheese and cream cheese

Creamy, drinks, probiotics, light, w/fruit and w/cereal

Dairy and non-dairy

Manjar or Milk Caramel Spread
Consumer (tub and bag formats) and Food Service 5 Kg format

Bottled Water
Purified, carbonated/non - bottle format of 1 liter and 500 ml.

Juice and Nectar
100 % natural juice and long-life nectar, in tetra brick and PET bottle format

Fluid long-life milk
Whole milk, semi-skimmed and skimmed - tetra brick and bottle formats
Chocolate and strawberry flavor milk - tetra brick format (1 liter and 200cc)
High calcium skimmed milk - tetra square formats

Long-life and fresh - tetra brick, bottle, and tub formats. Creams for whipping and thick

Consumer (100/125/250 grams packs and 250/500 grams tubs) - Food Service 2.5 Kg format for bakery and pastry

Sociedad Productores de Leche S.A.
Avenida Vitacura 4465
Santiago de Chile.
Phones: (56 - 2) 436 5136 - (56 - 2) 436 5000
Fax: (56-2) 436 5196