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Lácteos del Sur Comercial de Campo
Surlat Industrial S.A. is the most recent and modern Chilean dairy company, created in 2001 with the merging of Lácteos Surlat -dairy cooperative from the South of Chile- and Iparlat/Kaiku -a European dairy company. This merger has resulted in the creation of a unique commercial model with an important focus on exports and product development -both under the Surlat brand as well as third-party own labels.

Liquid and powdered milk, butter and others are significant products exported. Cheese and cheese-based products are in themselves important, traded under the Chilesur brand.

Surlat Industrial SA. is the first Chilean dairy firm to work with ISO 9001-20000 (AENOR Certification 1956/2005), proof of the firm's real commitment to quality.


Powdered milk 26% fat content 25 Kg bags
Powdered milk 1% fat content 25 Kg bags
Powdered milk 26% fat content 1 Kg pack
Butter w/salt in 25 Kg case. Maximum moisture 16%, salt 2%
Butter n/salt in 25 Kg case. Maximum moisture 16%
Butter w/salt in 250 grams and 125 grams pats.
Traditional Gouda Cheese, 9.5 Kg unit, vacuum packed in Cryovac bag. Manufactured with cow's milk, fresh, pure, and natural (Chilesur). Also available in smaller weight units.
UHT processed Milk in Tetra Pak technology:
Natural milk in 7 liter Tetra Brik format, w/n cover, 31 g/l, 15g/l and 1 g/l. Flavored milk, vitamin enriched milk, calcium enriched milk, and also 200 cc formats.

Surlat Industrial S.A.
Commercial Offices
Málaga 89 Of. 42 y 43
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.
Phone: (56-2) 206 4936
Fax: (56-2) 206 4938