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Quillayes is a company with a tradition in cheese making, combining traditional crafts and technological development to offer high quality products, innovative, healthy and reliable.

Quillayes offers both Fresh and Mature Cheese among its products. In the Mature range, Mantecoso (Buttery) stands out -the first product made-. Fine Cheese (Edam, Camembert, Brie, Gruyere, Mature Sheep Milk, Mature Goat, Roquefort Blue type, etc.-, Chanco and Gouda under the CampoBueno brand.

In addition, since 2003 under the French Yoplait multinational franchise for production and trading of fresh dairy products in Chile such as yoghurt, desserts, and milk drinks.


Quillayes Buttery Cheese
Semi-hard cow cheese with yellow rind
Mild flavor, soft consistency and creamy texture
Recommended for melting or eating cold, with bread or as appetizer

Quillayes Mature Sheep Cheese
Semi-hard sheep cheese
Mild aromatic flavor and creamy color
Recommended for cheese boards, appetizers, and the ideal companion for cured ham

Quillayes Roquefort Blue type Cheese
Intense flavor, strong and pleasant aroma
Blue and green color veined paste
Ideal for salads, appetizers, and cheese boards

Quillayes Camembert Cheese
Semi-soft cow cheese with white rind
Flavor intensifies with aging
Recommended for appetizers and cheese boards (melts well)

Quillayes Edam Cheese
Semi-hard cow cheese with wax rind
Strong aromatic flavor
Ideal for appetizers, cheese boards and salads

Quillayes Brie Cheese
Semi-soft cow cheese with white rind
Creamy texture and flavor that intensifies with aging
Recommended for appetizers, cheese boards, and snacks

CampoBueno Gouda
Cow cheese, soft texture, and semi-hard
Strong firm flavor
Recommended for melting in different dishes and for sandwiches

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