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Watt's S.A. is a main player in the Chilean food market. A long-standing and prestigious Chilean capital company, it is well-known for its highly diversified production, the strong positioning of its brands, and its market leadership. Milk, yoghurt, oil, margarine, pasta, nectars and jams, are only a few of its many active categories. The company maintains a major international presence through exports, branches, and associate companies abroad.


Gouda Cheese • Loncoleche Cheese prepared with pure, fresh, and natural milk. • Available in 3 or 9 Kg units. • Maximum Moisture 45%. • Duration: 9 months.
Powdered Milk • Manufactured with Cow's milk. • Whole 26% Fat Content and Skimmed 2% Fat Content. • Format: 25 Kg bags. • Duration: 12 months.
UHT Milk • Fresh, pure, and natural milk, with UHT treatment • Available in 1 liter and 200 cc Tetra Pak in a great variety: whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed, special, and flavored. • Duration: 6-9 months.

Watt's S.A.
Head Office
Avenida Presidente Jorge Alessandri N° 10501
San Bernardo - Santiago de Chile.
Telefono: (56-2) 2450 6155
Fax: (56-2) 2450 6132