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Inversiones e Industrias Valle Verde S.A., is a family owned Company, created in 2009. The owners have vast experience in the global food industry, boasting more than 50 years'. They also play an important managerial role.

Our production facility operates to the highest possible quality standards and systems, and includes the most modern techniques for meeting both local and export markets. All of them are developed to improve and support the quality of our products.

Our milk intake is about 350,000 liters per day, and reaches over 1,000 tons of cheese and 100 tons of butter per month. Valle Verde is currently:

·          4th largest cheese producer in Chile.

·          3rd largest cheese exporting company in Chile.

·          The undisputed leader within the country's Mozzarella industry.

Located near Osorno, Los Lagos Region, we work under strict quality management principles in all work areas to win the trust of our customers and suppliers.

One feature of our success is the never ending quest of setting high standards in milk quality intake, always selecting the best and most trustworthy milk suppliers.

One of the strengths of our company is the use of high quality raw materials that permit us to guarantee suitable products. All our suppliers have passed strict control, testing and validation procedures.


Highest quality milk:

·          Disease free due to strict control on milk intake.

·          High-quality proteins and fats.

·          Dairy cow breeds fed on natural pastures in southern Chile with high nutritional value.

·          Prairies with strict quality control and animal health certification.