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Lácteos del Sur

In Pindaco, Río Bueno, our products are born from the hand of tradition, with an unmatched flavor and quality as a result of the correct combination of experience with high-technology.

From the ongoing effort of our people, at the new plant of LACTEOS DEL SUR (2,500m2) with a capacity to process 50 million liters per year, plus the generous nature of the South, arise Lacteos del Sur cheeses, under strict sanitary controls and quality.



Gouda Cheese

  • 3 and 10 kg. formats.


Edam Cheese

  • 300grams formats.


Flavored Cheese

  • 300 grams formats


Mantecoso Cheese

  • 10 kg.Unit bar formats


Chanco Cheese

  • 10 kg. Unit bar formats


Sliced Cheese

  • 250, 500 y 1000 grams formats



  • 10 kg. 20 kg. Industrial Packet formats.

Coming soon Powdered Milk and Whey.

Lácteos del Sur