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Since its creation Colun has paid constant attention to the quality of its products, a characteristic well-recognized by Chilean consumers.

Today Colun is the main producer of cheese and whey in Chile, leader in the production of Milk Caramel Spread, and with important market share in butter and long-life products (UHT).

Colun produces around 180 different products in various presentations and formats. The main groups are: cheese, butter, Milk Caramel Spread, UHT long life products, and dehydrated products like powdered milk and milk whey.

Some of the product lines created by Colun are:

Traditional Colun
This line includes UHT Milk, flavored or non- flavored, Powdered Milk, Milk Caramel Spread, Cheese, Yoghurt, Dry Cottage Cheese, String Cheese, UHT Cream, Nectar, and Cultured Milk.

Light Colun
The Light line consists of Yoghurt, Cultured Milk, String Cheese, Light Cheese, Skimmed Milk, 0% Fat UHT Milk, and Flavored Milk.

Infant Colun
Known as Mimún and includes Fluid Milk and Yoghurt in various flavors.

Colun Food Service
Se encuentran en esta línea las categorías de quesos, leche en polvo, suero, manjar y cremas.

Los Alerces
The Los Alerces line includes Powdered Milk, Milk Caramel Spread, Yoghurt, and Cheese.

Colun Ltda.
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