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Nestlé is the main food company in Chile, leader in Nutrition, Health, and Wellness. Throughout its 70 years presence in the country the company has strengthened its leadership by diversifying its broad array of products, aimed at satisfying the nutritional needs of all population age groups. In recent years Nestlé has become one of the main exporters of dairy products in the country.

To highlight some products in the company's broad portfolio are: diary, prepared foods, chocolates and confectionery, breakfast cereals, soluble coffee, chocolate drinks, ice-cream, and baby food, among others.

Main dairy products exported by Nestle Chile are:

Powdered Milk
Whole, semi-skimmed, and skimmed
tin, box, bag, and sachettarro, caja, bolsa y sachet.

Condensed Milk
Normal and Light
can and squeeze

Manjar or Milk Caramel Spread

Format: tin, bag, and pot

Nestlé Chile S.A.
Head Office
Roger de Flor 2800
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.
Phone: (56-2) 337 5421 - (56-2) 337 5275
Fax: (56-2) 436 5196